Ann-Sofie Öman on If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need A Bigger Tin by Lucy Hutson

It's such a privilege to see performances like the one Lucy Hutson offered us at the Glej Theatre. Without any kind of hesitation or embarrassment he told us a lot about himself and his life as a young man in a woman's body. Now we know what it's like when he wants to buy boxer shorts and discovers that there are no boxer shorts in his size at the men's department. He has to go to the children's department. We also know that his body is a woman's body in every aspect, because he showed us in detail.

And we also know that he has a wonderful mother, who seems to have accepted him just the way he is. I believe that her uncomplicated love for her son is the foundation for his trust in the audience, for his trust in himself. That is beautiful.


-Ann-Sofie Öman
Covering the City of Women festival for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen