Zoja Skušek

Zoja Skušek graduated from dramaturgy and she even won the Student Prešeren Award for her diploma thesis, but never actually worked in theatre because she believes theatre forgot that “film happened” and that it should get back up on a brand new pair of feet. Hence she willy-nilly became – and remained – a translator. As it usually happens in life, she received the Sovre (translator) Award for the kind of work that wasn’t at the top of her list. She was the editor of the Studia Humanitatis series between 1986 and 1997, whilst now she the editor at Založba /*cf. publishing house, which strives to survive by publishing theory and politically relevant books. At some point in between, she won the literature competition organised by the then-company Droga with a short story about how Cankar's mother tricked Cankar, gave him a coffee substitute and made herself “a cup of real coffee”. That was the fastest money she earned in her life and had the most fun working on; she bought herself a car with the prize money! Other than that, she also publishes texts from the field of humanities and social sciences.

She was the President of the City of Women from 2002 to 2004; she was interested in women’s spaces and women fights in these places and for them, including those that were already once won but don’t seem to be doing very well at the moment. And yes, as she is so closely connected with books that one might be wondering what book is it that has influenced her most: it is What I Saw by Boris Zhitkov.