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Women's achievements are often forgotten or overlooked in today's still patriarchal society.In the City of Women, we are looking for heroines, fighters for equality, fighters for commonality and community, overlooked champions of efforts for a better world. Do you know her? Nominate her for the Ženske o Ženskah Award.

The ŽoŽ awards are a response to the systematic erasure of women*, their work and achievements from the historical canon. We present the awards with the motto: If we want history to be written in our name, we must write it ourselves. That is why we use them to highlight and highlight the invisible work, stories, courage and determination of individuals and collectives, fighters for a better world, feminist heroes.

You can only suggest living women and collectives who have or still contribute significantly to the fight for gender equality and social justice in our country. They may be activists, cleaners, farmers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, social workers, lawyers, teachers, artists or something else. If they are changing our society for the better, their place is among the five laureates of this year's Women about Women award.

We are accepting applications until February 8. They will be evaluated by a commission appointed by the City of Women. The five winners will be announced at the beginning of March 2023.

Any questions can be sent to pr@cityofwomen.org.


*by the term women we mean cisgender, transgender and intersex women