Premiere / Friday / 13th January 2012 / at 20h, Glej Theatre
Reruns / 14th–17th January 2012 / at 20h, Glej Theatre

No matter how you define them, they are right behind you


The play Swines is based on the text by Croatian writer Tomislav Zajec and directed by one of Slovenia’s youngest generation of theatre directors, Renata Vidič. It is subtitled as “a musical in 10 scenes from farm-life” and focuses on the life of two “kind” sisters, living on a pig farm, who brutally kill all visitors and are only kind to their animals. Ibru, the authoritarian “lady of the farm,” approaching her thirties, devotes her whole life to the pigs and to taking care of her baby sister, Mala Ibru (Little Ibru), who spends her time searching for the meaning of life and trying to find a teacher who will teach her something she can be good at. The director has chosen a kind of “horror-comedy” as her genre and tries to expose the consequences of authoritarian relationships, or rather relationships of power, as reflected in relationships between parent and child(ren), teacher and child, society and the individual, and similar interactions.

Author: Tomislav Zajec
Translation: Tina Perić
Director: Renata Vidič
Performers: Jelena Rusjan, Barbara Krajnc
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač, Urša Adamič
Lector: Maja Cerar
Costume design: Klavdija Jeršinovec
Scene: Bine Skrt
Music: Damir Avdić
Light design: Gregor Mohorčič
Photos: Janko Oven
Production: Gledališče Glej, City of Women
Special thanks to the photographers of the PENTAX forum, KUD Pozitiv and Dijaški dom Ivana Cankarja