S(v)odobnost, a word play combining »freedom« and »contemporaneity«, or Createmporaneity was the title of the project that City of Women was part of together with four other contemporary art organizations in Slovenia. Fully entitled S(v)odobnost – develop your potentials through contemporary art, the project was focused on the partners’ development and implementation of arts and culture educational programs for youth aged between 14 and 20. The second target group consisted of teachers and youth workers who want to introduce contemporary art practices (as well as venues where these can be experienced) to their pupils or students.  

Although the project formally ended in December 2019, we continue to organise the Contemporary Art Mosaic Workshop and promote our Contemporary Art Glossary in 2020 because we are convinced that contemporary art widens the horizons and encourages the creative expression of young people. To educators, it offers a variety of fresh approaches to difficult social issues – both within and outside the classroom.

City of Women joined the project because we believe that access to, creation of and knowledge about contemporary art are essential for the development of a society, based on equality. Within the project, City of Women was shaping its methodological approaches to arts and culture education according to feminist pedagogy. The activities were coordinated by Tea Hvala. 

S(v)odobnost website (Slovenian only).

Contemporary Art Mosaic Workshop 

The Contemporary Art Mosaic workshop (90 min) is directed at teachers and designed as an interdisciplinary hybrid between a guided tour of the artworks and exhibition spaces, an analysis of three chosen contemporary works of art and a presentation of artistic contexts and organizational models for culture and production. More on the content and implementation of the Mosaic is available online (Slovenian only). 

If you teach and want to join the workshop, contact us at tea.hvala@cityofwomen.org.

In Autumn 2020, we’re giving a free presentation of the workshop in Slovenian at Kulturni bazar (the date and the application form will be published on its website). 

Short Glossary of Contemporary Art Terms

Within the framework of the S(v)odobnost (Createmporaneity) project and in collaboration with SCCA-Ljubljana, KUD Mreža, ŠKUC and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija we have prepared an art history glossary of contemporary art terms, which provides adequate information to school students, teachers and other curious minds.  

The (Slovenian only) online glossary comprises clear and comprehensible explanations for art history terms that have been pointed out to us by the teachers of elementary- and secondary schools, stating that they lack teaching materials which they could use to acquaint their pupils (and themselves) with these notions.   

Authors: Nevena Aleksovski, Tea Hvala, Miha Kelemina, Sebastian Krawczyk and Rok Vevar. 

List of glossary terms (Slovenian only)




Associated partners

  • Gimnazija Poljane
  • CUK Kino Šiška
  • DIEHL+RITTER gUG, Berlin
  • Lokomotiva – Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture, Skopje

Funded by

Republic of Slovenia – Ministry of Public Administration (October 2018 – December 2019)