Simona Semenič: To last, premiere

Foto: Nada Žgank

Prefestival event of 24th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women

21st Sep. / 8pm

The Old Power Station Ljubljana 

To Last, a durational performance by the playwright and performer Simona Semenič, is her public reading of her complete works, ensuring the writing to be heard in her precarious voice.

The performance title, To Last, symbolizes a certain cleansing ritual: to the last viewer, to the last text, to the last meaning, to the last wish, to the last atom of strength … And finally, it is a process through which the accumulated time of rigid cultural and societal codes will regain a piece of the future. 

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Simona Semenič Season

It's Semenič time at City of Women

Simona Semenič, an overall theatre creator, is this year’s Prešeren Foundation Award winner for her work over the past two years. Finally, this playwright, performer, producer, pedagogue, writer, dramaturge and director conquered the main stages of Slovenian theatre production, her work convincing both the national committee for literature and the committee for performing arts.

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Semenič in action

Three plays by Simona Semenič (until 7 October) for the price of two / €18.

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Predfestival initiation

21st Sep. / 11am

The Old Power Station

We are announcing a pre-festival event for all courageous and fearless. Join us at the public presentation of this year's festival topics and programme. After the formal introduction we will continue with the informal gathering of all warrior souls.