Network museum CoW

In partnership with the Museum of Modern Art (Ljubljana, Slovenia), City of Women is since 2016 creating its digital archive in the frame of the repository Network Museum, which functions as an intersection of publicly accessible archives of audiovisual documents on contemporary art practices. The Network Museum presents and connects, in terms of content, important segments of cultural heritage, which are not included in the reviews of art production in Slovenia.

The project includes digitalisation and the promotion of public accessibility of older audiovisual recordings from our archive. Through different levels of publication it also allows storage, systematisation and keeping records of materials, which are limited by copyrights.

Enter the Network Museum / City of Women

For several years, the City of Women has been busy with the question of how to archive the rich festival history and retain its content after live events are over. At the same time, it wishes to intervene in the main narrating currents of Slovenian art and societal, and is not shy to show its engagement as a principle of its action.




  • Archive of the Commons III - presentation of CoW archive at international conference / 23.-25. 9. 2019 / Museo Reina Sofía and the Red Conceptualismos del Sur (Southern Conceptualisms Network), Madrid (Spain)