Meet our new project Performing Gender - Dance makes differences

Performing Gender - Dance makes differences

The first public presentation of the new project was hosted by B.motion festival on Saturday, 26th August.

B.motion Dance, the international festival organised each year at the end of August by the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa (Italy), is one of the most important events about contemporary dance around Europe and so an ideal occasion to present for the first time our new project Performing Gender - Dance makes differences to a larger public and professionals in the field of performing arts and dance attending the festival.

The public event is to join all the partner organisations at which the artistic directors presented to the audience the activities taking place in the next two years, and the capacity building model that will involve 5 dance makers, 5 dramaturgs and 50 young dancers around Europe in a unique artistic experience.

The first training week, hosting the five makers and the local dramaturg is taking place at our 23rd International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women in Ljubljana, from 7th to 13th October.


Project leader: Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Il Cassero, Gender Bender Festival (Italy)

Partners: Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture - City of Women (SI), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy)Paso a 2 Plataforma Coreográfica Asociación Cultural (Spain)Theaterfestival Boulevard (The Netherlands)Yorkshire Dance Centre Trust Ltd. (United Kingdom).


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