March Manifestations

March Manifestations

xx Do You Hear Me? xx Phisycal Manifestations xx The Audience Council xx Every Day March 8th


Simona Semenič: Do You Hear Me? / March 7th, 5.30 PM at Pritličje, Ljubljana
xx book presentation and discussion

I am not making a fool out of anyone. Well, perhaps out of doctors here and then. Politics. Instances. Laws. Systems. Society. Government. Culture. Myself.
- Simona Semenič

Simona's literary debut Do You Hear Me? (Me slišiš?) will be presented at the event dedicated also to The International Women's Day in the presence of the author Simona Semenič and editor Gašper Malej. They will join a discussion with the Head of The Women Board of the Slovene PEN Centre MIRA Tanja Tuma who will present their efforts in bringing more female authors to curriculums of primary and secondary schools and sociologist PhD Vesna Leskošek who will talk about precarity, inequalty and social politics. Discussion will be moderated by Teja Reba.

Organization by City of Women, in collaboration with Pritličje, MIRA and KUD AAC Zrakogled.

xx more about the book

Highlighs in the frame of International Women's Day:

  • Every Day March 8th
    xx pedagogical materials

On the occasion of the International Women's Day we have again prepared pedagogical materials with which we encourage different high school pedagogues to debate with youngsters on the topic of gender equality.

  • If Our Lives are Worthless, We Protest! / March 8th, 4 PM.00 at Kongres square, Ljubljana
    xx manifest, protest
  • March 8th is not enough / March 8th, 7 Pm at Pritličje, Ljubljana
    xx podium

"Today a woman has a right to work, but is paid less than a man; she has a right to abortion, but has to face organized hatred in front of clinics; she can open a bank account, but first has to recapitalize speculative institutions of financial capitalism; she can study at the university, but is faced with precarious future; she can speak in public, but mainly asks questions and produces smiles. She lives longer, but dies in poverty."  (Barbara Rajgelj) 

xx If Our Lives are Worthless, We Protest (organization: Iskra)
xx March 8th is not enough (organization: Pritličje and Inštitut 8. marec)
xx  manifest

xx Facebook page / debate and awareness on inequal position of women

Encourage debate and awareness on unequal position of women with using #VsakDan8Marec (#EveryDay8March) on social media to underline positive and negative practices in Slovenia and wider.

Let's continue the fight for equality, equal opportunities and women rights regardless of their social status, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation and/or gender identity!

xx #VsakDan8Marec

The Audience Council #5.6. / March 14th, 8 PM at the Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana
xx performance and talk

Are you interested in independent theatre? Would you like to know how other in the audience understood the performance? Join the Council! The Audience Council (Zbor za publiko) is a little more structured type of socializing, which usually happens after the show, when you go for a drink with your friends. Difference: we stay at the venue and talk to friends and/or strangers. Council is dedicated to a wider exchange of our experiences, feelings, (mis)understandings, enthusiasms and reflections.

This month we are attending and discussing the work of Snježana Premuš, Phisical Manifestations.

Organization: Bunker, Maska, Via Negativa, City of Women.

xx about the performance
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