Common doesn't belong to anybody

City of Women - EFFE Label Festival

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“If our common is not our foundation but our production,
our invention in motion - how to be concerned by this we?”
- Judith Revel


Creating together for 23 years!
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International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women has been awarded the EFFE Festival Label, which is presented to festivals with an artistic commitment, involvement in their local communities and a European and global outlook by the European Festivals Association (EFA).

This label is a recognition to all who have built, co-created and run the festival and the Association City of Women with own unstoppable will, passion, courage, ideas, support and differences from the first edition in 1995.

Thank You!

The international EFFE jury wrote about the festival:
"A very complete and solid project, connected to present a future and a lively festival that still keeps on changing and improving with the editions. All the different aims, layers, values that they seek are already incorporated and in movement and the diverse and international program shows that they are constantly moving out of the comfort zone to keep the commitment with the focus they promote. Necessary and inspiring festival."

xx recognition to all
xx City of Women - EFFE Label Festival


The Audience Council #5.8. / May 21st at 8 pm at the Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana
xx performance and talk

Last Audience Council of the season is approaching. The Council takes place every time after seeing a performance produced at Ljubljana’s independent performing scene. It fosters articulation and exchange of opinions of the spectators on just seen. This time we invite you to the Ideal performance.

Ideal is a performance for two performers, bunch of patriarchal semi-celebrities and a bed. In Ideal authors Jurišić/Reba seize upon Goebbels’ trichotomy between the private, the public-private, and the fully public life of the individual, which they then superimpose upon Marx’s remark that a lot of work gets done in bed.

Organization: Bunker, Maska, Via Negativa, City of Women.

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City of Women with a new Honorary President / dr. Eva D. Bahovec

We are delighted to announce that, after a year-long collaboration with Dr. Vesna Leskošek, Association City of Women has a new honorary president, Dr. Eva D. Bahovec who works in the fields of contemporary philosophy, theoretical psychoanalysis, women’s studies and sociology of education.

xx dr. Eva D. Bahovec


City of Women Picnic / May 30th from 4 pm onward at Park Tivoli*
xx hang out

Would you like to learn more about the work of Association City of Women, meet the members, partners, artists, participate, exchange, hang-out and celebrate the new season with us?

We are happy to invite you to our spring picnic, where we will thank our year-long honorary president of the Association dr. Vesna Leskošek and introduce newly elected honorary president dr. Eva Bahovec and new members of the Association.

Voluntary contributions, food and/or drinks welcome!

* left of MGLC / right of playground, by the creek, you can recognize us by orange balloons or coordinates: 46.053955, 14.493020. In case of bad weather we will meet at the regular address of our office at Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana.