Teaching materials for the International Women's Day

On the International Women's Day, City of Women annually prepares teaching materials for pedagogues. By structuring a 45-minute lesson entitled #EveryDay8March we encourage teachers in Slovenia to address gender equality and the international history of struggles for women’s rights with their pupils and students.

The lesson is appropriate for youth between the ages of fourteen and twenty. It can be applied to several school subjects, but we welcome its use in non-institutional settings as well. Despite its connection to the International Women's Day, the #EveryDay8March lesson is appropriate for any occasion. Methodologically, it encourages the active participation of youth.


In 2019, the lesson takes the form of a quiz, following the good response of teachers to the 2018 quiz. The teaching materials include the quiz, the correct answers, explanations and discussion cues for each question.

In 2017, we asked the students to count the number of women and men mentioned in their textbook (for history and Slovene language) and compare the data. In 2016, the teaching materials took the form of a pro et contra debate among students. The discussion claim was: “The celebration of International Women’s Day is still necessary today”.

All of our teaching materials are in Slovene. They can be accessed here.

If you want to know more, if you are interested in translating the materials to your language or would like to disseminate them in your context, contact: tea.hvala@cityofwomen.org.