Call out for volunteer performers for Julia Bardsley’s meta_FAMILY project

Foto: Bobby Whittaker

Following a practical research phase undertaken in Teresina & Rio, Brazil and editions for AiR at QMU, London & Trouble Festival/CIFAS, Brussels, Julia Bardsley is looking for an ensemble of performers to create a new edition of her ‘family’ project for the City of Women Festival, Ljubljana. This ensemble will form a generic family unit within a gymnasium space and undergo training exercises in order to become the meta_FAMILY.


This process is in two stages:

1. Selection session: participants choose a selection day to attend - Saturday 22nd September or Sunday 23rd September from 11 AM to 4 PM – this is a one day session with Julia working on some of the physical vocabulary of the piece. The final participants will be selected from these sessions and will be informed by Monday 24th September.

2. Creation workshop: Saturday 6th October to Friday 12th October: 10 AM – 5 PM. The piece will be created over 7 days concluding with a performance on the final day. It is important that all selected participants can commit to the dates outlined.

3. Performance date:

Friday 12th October at 7 PM

All workshops and performances will take place at DIC Kreatorij (Dijaški dom Ivana Cankarja, Poljanska cesta 26, Ljubljana).


If you are interested in being part of the project, please email a statement that includes something about yourself, performance experience, why you want to be involved in the piece and which selection workshop day you’d like to attend (22nd or 23rd September). Also please include contact details: email & phone number. Please, email applications with additional information by September 19, to  



Sabina Potočki



Production and organisation: City of Women; In cooperation with: KUD Pozitiv and DIC


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meta_FAMILY Julia Bardsley

Julia Bardsley has embarked on a new phase of research and presentation models by creating the meta_FAMILY project.

An ensemble of local performers is selected & undergoes a week of ‘training’ in order to become the meta_FAMILY. The idea of the Family is taken as the thematic core, where a framework of ‘exercises’ is established that structure the work but that allow the Family members to live & respond in the moment.

A family is a variable unit of human beings that exists in multiple ways, with its own internal rules of operation and structuring protocols. Each family, although unique, is based in deep-rooted archetypal roles. These generic archetypes form the foundation of the piece. The space in which the meta_FAMILY functions is a type of gymnasium – a site for organizing physical & psychological behavior, a zone of instruction, workout & the interplay of power dynamics. The intention is to modulate the conventions of both the family & the gymnasium to create a hybrid of both.

The meta_FAMILY is a work that is always modulating, existing in multiple editions, and being re-born in each new location, with each new group of participating members. (Julia Bardsley)


meta-FAMILY - Video Clips:



Julia Bardsley_www.juliabardsley.netJulia is an artist working with performance, video, photography, sculptural objects & the configuration of the audience. From 2006 she set in motion a series of solo pieces, entitled The Divine Trilogy, presented in London, Glasgow, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium & Italy. Medea: dark matter events is an on-going research project in collaboration with Jacob Alves, presented in Deptford X & What Matters, London 2012. In 2013 she will be the inaugural Kings College/SPILL Artist-In Residence.

With long term collaborator Andrew Poppy, Julia runs BARDSLEY_POPPY projects. They have recently completed Clube Redondo, phase 1 of experimental workshops with children, co-produced with CasaBranca, Lisbon.