Veronika Razpotnik

About artist / group: 

Veronika Razpotnik (1997) is a biochemist and a poet. She published her poetry for the first time in 2017 on an Internet platform Spread poetry, not fear and in a literary magazine Novi zvon. In the same year, she presented her poetry at a young poets' event named Young rhymes. She is a member of a group of poets, Psevdopoeti. In 2018, she was among the finalists of the Rdeča nit and Pesniška olimpijada literary contests. In 2019, she won the literary contest Rdeča nit in the poetry category, was placed in the finale of a competition for the best protest poem or a social satire (Mentorjev feferon) and among the top 10 poems, published in a literary magazine Spirala. In 2019, Veronika has made a connection between her poetry and the fight to preserve Akademski kolegij as a students' dorm and with flat crisis in general (in Ljubljana and abroad).

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