Slavko Kačunko

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Slavko Kačunko is a researcher, curator, writer on video- and media art, and professor of art history and visual culture at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. The key foci of his scientific profile are visual studies, process arts, interdisciplinary art history and world heritage. Kačunko has co-founded the first art magazine in Croatia, Kontura and is the author of Culture as Capital (Logos, 2015) and Spiegel. Medium. Kunst (Fink, 2010) as well as the pivotal source book on media arts Closed Circuit Videoinstallationen (Logos, Berlin 2004). Together with Marcel Odenbach and Yvonne Spielmann, he co-edits the series of publications EVA – Edition Video Art, published in German at Logos Verlag in Berlin.

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