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Shortly after leaving ballet school, Nataša Živković became engaged in contemporary dance and worked with a number of choreographers (Maja Delak, Yasmine Hugonnet, Mateja Bučar, Mala Kline, Milan Tomašik, Matjaž Farič etc.). In recent years, she is an ever more regular guest performer in theatre productions (House of Meetings (Maison des rendez-vous), The House of Our Lady of Mercy , Out, A Passage to Jajce, A Clockwork Orange, Making Medea etc.). In 2010, she was awarded the Golden Bird for her original work First Love’s Second Chance (Getting Over Heintje) and her former theatrical activity. Živković is also part of the Via Negativa collective which seeks to readdress the position of performer in relation to the spectator and theatre practices in general.