N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions

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The N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions platform was founded upon the initiative of Ayşe Güleç, Suza Husse and Katja Kobolt at the Berlin University of Arts in 2018. The platform imagines the nail salon as a queer site of critical, transcultural practices and intersectional care politics. Across multiple collaborations, artistic and educational formats and a magazine, the platform has approached nails as a collective interface for getting familiar with the working conditions liquefied in nail aesthetics and embodied in care work. In other words, as an interface for hacking the “magic” of commodities and for troubling biopolitics. For more information and the free PDF of the N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions collaborative magazine on nailwork, art and migration, visit the District Berlin website

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