Miklavž Komelj

About artist / group: 

MIKLAVŽ KOMELJ published nine collections of poetry (Luč delfina, 1991; Jantar časa, 1995; Rosa, 2002; Hipodrom, 2006; Nenaslovljiva imena, 2008; Modra obleka, 2011; Roke v dežju, 2011; Noč je abstraktnejša kot n, 2014; Minima impossibilia, 2016) as well as other books including short prose, Sovjetska knjiga (2011), a collection of essays Nujnost poezije (2010) and a study on partisan art Kako misliti partizansko umetnost? (2009). He took his doctor’s degree at Ljubljana Faculty of Arts with the thesis The Meanings of Nature in Tuscan Painting of the First Half of the 14th Century. He is also a translator (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Fernando Pessoa, Cesar Vallejo, Djuna Barnes) and the author of a number of scientific and professional articles and essays.

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