Meira Asher

About artist / group: 

Meira Asher studied traditional percussion and dance in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. She learned Dhrupad vocal techniques and tabla from master musicians in North India. Besides the acoustic, Asher has also explored electronic horizons, studying sophisticated, cutting-edge composition techniques currently used in electronic music.
Two years ago Asher made the remarkable debut album ‘Dissected’. Press and audience alike immediately recognised her as an exceptional vocalist, percussionist and performance artist, as well as an emblematic figure representing an uncompromising, politically aware, peace seeking generation of Israeli artists, whose voice is all too rarely heard abroad.
To quote the French newspaper Liberation: “…the radicality of Asher’s sound is the exact expression of the violence of her message.” A message and a sound the international press has described as audacious, rebellious, singular, disturbing, extremist, never gratuitous, adverse to political correctness and “…undoubtedly the most striking talent produced by contemporary Israeli music”.

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