Marta Verginella

Italy, Slovenia
About artist / group: 

Marta Verginella, PhD., is associate professor at the Department of History, Ljubljana Faculty of Arts and the coordinator of the European project Breaks and Continuity of Transitions, for which she obtained the ERC Advance Grant for the distinguished researchers in 2016. She is a regular visiting professor at several universities, author of numerous scientific essays, the author of the book Women's Margins. The Inscription of Women in Slovene History (Ljubljana: Društvo za kulturološke raziskave, 2006), several monographs of Knjižnica Annales, the editor of the Studia humanitatis publications and the editor and co-author of the book on the first Slovenian women’s journal, Slovenka (Ljubljana: Filozofska fakulteta, 2017), which was recently translated to Italian (Trst: Vita Activa Edizioni di ACID, 2019). Her interests span social history, memory studies, border studies, national studies, women’s and gender history, and oral history. As a lecturer, she collaborated with ISH – Graduate School of Humanities in Ljubljana, Federico II University in Naples, Sassari University, Trieste University, Vienna University, Zagreb University, Alessandia University, Hamburg University, and Padua University. Since 2015, she has been a member of INSMLI Scientific Council in Milan. Verginella has written or co-written 12 scientific monographs, several of which have been translated in multiple languages.