Marija Ratković

About artist / group: 

Marija Ratković is an art theorist based in Belgrade. Her work is related to culture and politics of memory, politics of everyday life and (in)visible institutional and state violence. As an independent art worker, she participates in a diverse range of projects, on the one hand, as a (co)initiator, (co)coordinator/(co)leader, researcher, lecturer or (co)organizer of seminars, conferences, cultural events, public discussions, and on the other hand, as a curator, theoretician, (co)editor and (co)author of exhibitions, artworks, publications. Marija has worked on the projects of a number of organizations and institutions across Europe, including the Centre for Architecture Research at Goldsmiths University in London, Innsbruck University Austria, Leeds Metropolitan University, Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and the Bauhaus School of Art Weimar, Germany. She collaborates with many artists and art collectives and is a co-founder of the Initiative for Contemporary Art and Theory and the new media platform AWOL (

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