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Maja Weiss is a film director and screenwriter who graduated from Film and Television Directing at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. Her first feature film Guardian of the Frontier (2002) received multiple international awards, including the Berlin International Film Festival award for the most innovative European film and a nomination of the European Film Academy for best feature-film debut. She continued with two feature films Installation of Love (2007, Special Mention of the Jury at the Trieste Film Festival) and the television film The Hidden Memory of Angela Vode (2009, nomination for the best TV-film at Prix Europa). She is also the author of several feature-length documentaries, among which: Where Has the Working Class Gone? (2010), Boy-A-Blood-Brother of Death (1992), The Road of Fraternity and Unity (1999), and Dar Fur – War for Water (2008, co-directed by Tomo Križnar). Her filmography includes over 40 films of various lengths and genres, winning her over 30 awards at home and abroad and shown all around the globe at more than 100 festivals and in some European television houses. A member of EFA, DSFU, DSR and AIPE, Weiss is a co-founder of two independent production houses Bela Film and Zavod Maja Weiss, which have been co-producing the majority of her films since 1998.