Magda Mayas

About artist / group: 

Pianist Magda Mayas (1979) was taught the pianist trade by the masterly improvisers Misha Mengelberg and George Graewe, and has become renowned in recent years within the international improvisatory sphere. Mayas works predominantly in Berlin, which has witnessed a heterogeneous evolution of electro-acoustic improvisation, giving birth to sound-pruned aesthetics named ‘the Berlin reductionism’ in the past decade. Mayas is a member of the Phono Phono trio, the Mayas/ Nutters/ Olsen/ Galvez quartet and the larger N-Collective ensemble. She is also performs duets with the Australian percussionist Tony Buck (The Necks), the Australian sound artist Anthea Caddy, as well as saxophone player Christine Sehnaoui.


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