Le Tigre

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Le Tigre are: Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, J. D. Samson. Their first album Le Tigre (Mr. Lady) was published in 1999; it was followed by the musically more sophisticated and verbally much more radical Feminist Sweepstakes in 2001 (Mr. Lady/Chicks on Speed Records). In the same year they published an EP (On the Desk of Mr. Lady), and a mini-album with remixed songs in 2003. Their third album is due out this autumn, which means their performance in Ljubljana will also be a chance to hear completely fresh material. Live acts by Le Tigre are enriched with elements of choreography, and with added visual effects, politically sharp texts, dance rhythms and extremely attractive melodies; it is fair to say before their Ljubljana debut that there is a big chance we are in for an exceptional experience.

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Le Tigre