Kristina Aleksova (Rat)

About artist / group: 

Kristina Aleksova (Rat), born in Ljubljana, is a ballet dancer, performer, choreographer and author of various performative actions. Upon finishing the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet, she spent several years dancing in the Ljubljana Opera and Ballet Company and a year in the Graz Opera Ballet. Soon after returning to Ljubljana, she left ballet in order to dive deeper into the research and creation of performative practices. She is currently working as a freelance artist, collaborating with individuals (Olja Grubić, Živa Petrič, Fernando Troya) and various collectives working on modern performative practices (Via Negativa and Hupa Brajdič). She trained her musical ear in Music school where she learned how to play the violin. Her alternative to dancing would be singing and acting. As Rat, she crashed the DJ scene quite naïvely and without any genre concerns, mixing her first rhythms on decadent Hupa Brajdič parties in Rog and Fundus.

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