Kiki Omerzel

About artist / group: 

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Kiki Omerzel is active in contemporary visual arts, illustration, story writing and design. She has been producing the Diaries series since 1997, and her artistic endeavours in this direction are based on the concept of a diary, and taking notes of apparently insignificant everyday events as well as recording her life and relations with friends and chance acquaintances. Two years ago Kiki Omerzel became a mother, and Goodnight Stories – in which she first used illustrations for her own work – thus forms a sequel of her existing projects. She has been active as an illustrator since 2000, during which time her works have graced quite some books and textbooks. The latest was Mate Dolenc’s Morsko Dno Pripoveduje (Seabed Telling Stories), whereas her illustrated fairytales entitled Bestiarij (Bestiary) have been regularly published in the magazine Mladika. Kiki Omerzel also lectures on illustration at the Ljubljana-based College of Design and the College of Drawing and Painting.

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