Jelena Rusjan

Slovenia, Croatia
About artist / group: 

Jelena Rusjan’s (1979) educational path led from the Secondary School of Ballet to the Department of Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where she also graduated. She moved to Ljubljana in 2004, where she has collaborated in several performances as actor and dancer, such as Galerija mrtvih žensk by Mala Kline and Maja Delak, Večna medikacija by Marijs Boulogne and Simona Semenić, Čudna so pota gospodova by Borut Bučinel, Don't look back by the DreamThinkSpeak Company (Exodos), Drage Drage by Maja Delak, Wild Animus by Ivan Talijančić, Serata artistica giovanile by Maja Delak,and Iz Principa by Jure Novak. She received a European scholarship for contemporary dance, i.e. DanceWeb (Vienna, Austria), in 2006. Her work is recognized for giving birth to new theatre forms and approaches.

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