Irena Pivka

About artist / group: 

Architect, set designer and inter-media artist, Irena Pivka graduated from Ljubljana’s Academy of Architecture before going on to specialise in set design at London's St Martins College of Art. Since 1999 she has been – together with Brane Zorman – producing multimedia projects under the Zone marque (Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone C Entrance South, Zone Tourism) which have been presented at various festivals and galleries. Irena Pivka has worked as a set designer since 1995 with most Slovene theatre and dance/theatre producers. Her set designs are to be found on both the large and small stages of Slovene institutional, and in particular non-institutional theatres. In 2002 she staged a solo exhibition of her set designs at Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom and also designs large site-specific urban installations.

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