About artist / group: 

MAJA PETROVIĆ-ŠTEGER is a Social Anthropologist with long-term research experience in former Yugoslavia, Tasmania, and Switzerland, specialising in the issues pertaining to the anthropology of conflict, the anthropology of the body, medical anthropology, the anthropology of law and the anthropology of mind. From 2002 to 2012 she explored various contexts wherein bodies – whether living, dead, or in the form of medically usable remains – become the sites of political, legal, scientific and artistic attention. Since then she has researched and written about the notion of military and psychological concerns with mental hygiene and neuro-security in contemporary Serbia, and Serbia’s water and land routes. At the moment she leads a study that is looking into the discourses and material practices of a range of social entrepreneurs based in Serbia, Slovenia, and Albania, examining how they imagine, invoke and plan their next steps.

She has taught at the University of Cambridge (UK), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Sichuan University (Chengdu, China). As a guest lecturer she gave lectures at the Universities of Hobart (Tasmania), Turku (Finland), Edinburgh (UK), Osaka (Japan), Kobenhaven (Denmark), Manchester (UK), Oslo (Norway), Bilbao (Spain) and elsewhere.