Darja Rakovič

About artist / group: 

Darja Rakovič  is currently the head of the Zagorje ob Savi Preschool, and is a co-author of the book The School and the Preschool through the Looking Glass edited by Eva D. Bahovec and Ksenija Bregar Golobič (Ljubljana: Državna založba Slovenije, 2004). Starting as a preschool teacher, she continued her studies of pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and at MFDPŠ in Celje. Her Master’s Thesis focused on the role of educational professionals in the preschools and aimed at providing a major shift of interest from the official curriculum to the hidden curriculum, along with a deconstruction of diverse stereotypes. The principal focus of her work is the democratization of education with a special emphasis on sexism and changing the traditional gender roles. She also took part in the curricular reform in Slovenia, acting as the head of the Stara Ljubljana Experimental Preschool (1994-1999).