Dame Darcy

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Dame Darcy is one of America's most productive and most universal artists, with work ranging from comics, painting and illustration, film (short live-action and animated films), performance, doll-making and musical creations. She achieved international recognition with her naively drawn baroque/gothic comic book series Meat Cake. Dame Darcy's musical journey is as heterogeneous and interesting as her acting and comics career. She has worked as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (the banjo, tambourine, singing saw, electric harp and electric bass) and published numerous recordings of murderer ballads and sea shanties mixed with experimental "bluegrass folk/death-rock", independently and in compilations, in cabaret performances and with various groups.
Following the opening of her exhibition in Ljubljana, Dame Darcy will present a concert of nineteenth-century sea shanties, accompanied by her guitar player, Skippy.

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