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New exciting ethnic music band from the East! Ever since its establishment in 2004, DakhaBrakha (the name is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time; DakhaBrakha means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language) has been asserting itself as one of the most sought-after concert sensations in Europe. DakhaBrakha is still somewhat of a cult phenomenon in Ukraine, appealing to a discerning audience of knowledgeable fans who like their aggressive sound, which involves a lot of ritualistic tribal rhythms and frenzied, sometimes caterwauling, vocals. They perform in Ukrainian national costume, as befitting their faith in Ukrainian culture. “We decided to create a new style of music that consists mainly of our native Ukrainian folk motifs, with some African styles added in. We also combine Arab, Bulgarian and Hungarian ideas. DakhaBrakha collects the components of its repertoire during expeditions. We go out to villages, pitch our tents and visit local babushkas and ask them to sing their folk songs. We record them and use them in our compositions,” – say the band members. Further to a number of concert halls and other venues in Ukraine, the band had concerts in Great Britain (London), Ireland (Dublin), Germany, France (Cannes), Russia (Moscow), Georgia, Poland, Hungary (Budapest). (Bogdan Beniger)

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