Cultural Gender Practices Network of the South-Eastern Europe

About artist / group: 

Cultural Gender Practices Network is aiming high with its main goals, such as the neutralization of gender stereotypes in cultural production and society in general and ensuring examples of good practice that can be used as a model for the redefinition of gender aspects of cultural policies. This network began forming in 2012 and is working its way toward being a successful example of regional cooperation that will increase mobility, visibility and the exchange of ideas. Network at the moment brings together 15 organizations from the post-Yugoslav territory and enables the sharing of resources, knowledge and practices in a region built on values based upon respect for diversity, dialogue, gender equality and freedom of expression.

Members of the network: K-zona (, Vox Feminae Festival), CESI (, CROL (, Flamingo (DRAGram Festival), Živa muzika, BeFem (BeFem Festival), OPA (, Femix project), Center for Girls Niš (Art Femine Festival), CURE Foundation (Pitchwise Festival), Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture – City of Women (City of Women Festival), KUD Mreža (Red Dawns Festival), Radio Študent (Sektor Ž), Tiiiiit! Inc. (Prvo pa žensko Festival).