ČIPke, Initiative for Women with a Sense for Technology, Science and Art

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In 2013, ČIPke, Initiative for Women with a Sense for Technology, Science and Art, opened a space for communication on the conditions of work for women active in the field of technology and proposes a practice which eliminates gender divisions. The practical educational programme includes multi-day workshops in open source programming, electronics, graphic design, video editing and robotics. The initiative also organises one-day events, short format workshops, lectures and the final annual exhibition which presents the ČIPke production from the previous year. The name ČIPke is a play of words composed of the name for an electronic component (chip). The initiative founders, Saša Spačal and Ida Hiršenfelder, want to point out that women are equally capable to deal with lacework or electronic circuit diagrams. The name ČIPke also derives from the Slovene translation of the English word lace, more precisely from the root of the last name of the mathematician Ada Lovelace, "The Enchantress of Numbers" who created the first algorithm intended for processing using a machine.

ČIPke programme curators: Saša Spačal, Ida Hiršenfelder; Exhibitors: Tjaša Avsec, Lavoslava Benčić, Hana Jošić, Sara Šabjan, Mojca Založnik, Ana Čigon, Pregrade in meje (Lavoslava Benčić, Ana Marija Kolenc, Staša Guček, Nina Orlić, Mojca Založnik), 12 Avatark (Nena Georgievska, Hana Jošić, Tea Pirih, Sara Bolte, Sara Mlakar, Silvana Žorž, Sara Pegam, Eva Lucija Kozak, Staša Guček, Barbara Poček, Iva Tratnik), Kinografike (Alenka Selčan, Simona Jerala, Hana Jošić, Anja Lazar, Katarina Jazbec)

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