Birgit Ulher

About artist / group: 

BIRGIT ULHER studied visual arts, which still have an important influence on her music. Since moving to Hamburg in 1982 she has been involved in free improvisation and experimental music and has developed an individual musical language. She works mainly on extending the sounding possibilities of the trumpet and has developed her own extended techniques and preparations for producing these sounds. Besides this material research she is especially interested in the relation between sound and silence. Lectures and workshops at Haifa University, SAIC – School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hochschule für Musik Basel, Queen’s University in Belfast, at Galeria Mérida and Anahuac 33 in Mexico City (both Mexico). She performs solo and with her working ensembles, in collaboration with dancers, visual artists, composers and mention should also be made of one-time collaborations with musicians from around the world. Numerous CD releases.

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