Binna Choi

About artist / group: 

Binna Choi has been the director of CasCo– Office for Art, Design and Theory since the summer of 2008. She has been running CasCo’s cross-disciplinary programme, which focuses on the construction of social space and issues of collaboration, collective production, and the common vis-à-vis the contemporary, social, and political condition, positioning itself along with contemporary social movements. Choi has also been developing a two-year research project “The Grand Domestic Revolution – User’s Manual” at CasCoin collaboration with Maiko Tanaka, and “Group Affinity,” a summer school and exhibition at Kunstverein Munchen with Bart van der Heide. Prior to CasCo, she worked as part of the curatorial team at BAK, basis vooractuelekunst in Utrecht. She is a founding member of Electric Palm Tree, a research community for the issues of the common and differences in the current global society.


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