Barbara Albert

About artist / group: 

Barbara Albert was born in Vienna in 1970, where she later also studied performance art, German, and journalism. In 1991 she enrolled at the Vienna Film Academy, at the department for directing and screenplay writing. While still studying, she was acquiring experience as an assistant director and director's secretary, editor and actress. In 1999 she founded her own production house with a group of likeminded colleagues, which has produced all her works. Selected filmography: 1993 Nachtschwalben (best short film award at the Max-Ophüls-Filmfestival in Saarbrücken), 1996 Die Frucht deines Leibes (the Leopard of the Future Award for best short film in Locarno), 1997 Somewhere Else - documentary, 1998 Alles bunt und wunderbar, 1999 Nordrand - first full-length film (FIPRESCI award at the Viennale Festival), 2002 Zur Lage - contribution to a full-length documentary omnibus, 2003 Böse Zellen (world premiere at Locarno Festival).

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