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Antonia Baehr is a choreographer / director, performer and film-maker. What characterises her is a non-disciplinary work and a method of collaboration with different people, using a game-structure with switching roles: each person is alternately director / author and performer for the other one. She graduated in Film- and Media Arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Valie Export (1996) and obtained a DAAD-grant and a Merit Scholarship for the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Since 2000 she is based in Berlin. Her productions include Holding hands (2000), Un après-midi (2003), Larry Peacock (2005), Merci (2006), Laugh" (2008) and Over The Shoulder (2009). 2010 sees the development on a new choreography for four interpreters. Antonia Baehr works a.o. with Lindy Annis, Gaetan Bulourde, Valérie Castan, Antonija Livingstone, Eszter Salamon, Tamar Shelef and William Wheeler. She is the producer of the horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, and the composer Henry Wilt.

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