Ann Liv Young

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Ann Liv Young is a young member of the New York underground art scene, and collabor ates with various ar tis ts in her projects within the Ann Liv Young Dance Company. Developed whilst artist-in-residence at FUSED (Fr ance), her latest work Snow White allowed her to breakthrough in Europe where this year she guest per formed at the Some thing Raw Festival (Amsterdam), Springdance Festival (Utrecht), as well as The Kitchen (New York). The piece has been produced by, among others, the Theatre de la Bastille (Paris), Beursschouwburg (Br ussels) and Impulztanz (Vienna). Ann Liv Young is a rising st ar of experimental urban theatre who, due to her being provocative, cur rently shines more brightly in the skies above Europe than in her own homeland. Katja Kobolt and Karla Železnik

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Snow White