Ana Čigon

About artist / group: 

Ana Čigon (1982) is an artist creative in the fields of video, film, performance and new media. She holds an MA in video (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana) and an MA in Interface Cultures at Kunstuniversitaet, Linz, Austria. Her projects tackle social and feminist topics, such as underrepresentation of women artists in art history, the limitations of the concept of collective memory, invisible social groups, relation subject-society, pursuit of happiness and such. Her works often contain elements of humour and irony, and her productions are not limited to one media. Over the recent years, she has been interested in documentaries; she produces videos for theatre and participates in co-authored collective projects. She had solo exhibitions of her works in Slovenia and abroad. She is a winner of an OHO Award, a finalist for the Slovenia Henkel Award and the VordembergeGildewart Foundation Award.