What is feminism: Vesna Bukovec


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TAM-TAM’s Street Gallery on Vegova is presenting an educational project #VsakDan8Marec (#8MarchEveryDay), held for years now by theAssociation for Promotion of Women in Culture – City of Women on International Women’s Day, targeting teachers, youth workers, parents and everyone who wishes to address the issue of gender (in)equality in dialogue with youth.

The exhibition #VsakDan8Marec was co-designed by Vesna Bukovec, Tea Hvala and Teja Reba. As a starting point, they used a quiz game by the same title, playfully encouraging elementary school and high school pupils to get acquainted with collective fights for equality and justice, the already acquired women’s rights and the fields in which gender inequality is still or ever more pressing. The quiz, for instance, tackles the series of events leading to ever worse poverty of elderly women in Slovenia: increasement of wage differences, enforcement of gender division in work, feminization of certain professions and general work precarity. Furthermore, the quiz #VsakDan8Marec showcases individual female characters – female women’s rightsactivists throughout history and contemporary times, female artists, scientists,inventors and other important female figures.

The free-of-charge teaching materials for your own implementation of the#VsakDan8Marec quiz has been prepared by Ana Čigon, Tea Hvala, Urška Jež, Amela Meštrovac and Teja Reba. 

It can be viewed until April 9th 2020.

More about the quiz in leafletl (pdf).

Street gallery is a project by Tam Tam Institute. Production of exhibition and educational materials by City of Women in the frame of Women on Women, co-financed by Creative Europe programme and City of Ljubljana.

Date and time of event: 
Mar 10th 09:19 - Apr 09th 09:19