Joan of Arc of Mongolia film still

Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia

Ulrike Ottinger
Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia

DE, 1989, 168′, Eng. sub., Slo. sub.
4 €

Ulrike Ottinger’s epic adventure delineates a fantastic encounter between two different worlds. Seven western women travellers meet aboard the sumptuous, meticulously reconstructed Trans-Siberian Express, a rolling museum of European culture. Lady Windemere, an elegant ethnographer played by the incomparable Delphine Seyrig in her last screen role, regales a young companion with Mongol myths and lore while other passengers – a prim tourist (Irm Hermann), a brash Broadway chanteuse and an all-girl klezmer trio – revel in a campy dining car cabaret. Suddenly ambushed by a band of Mongol horsewomen, the company is abducted and taken to the plains of Inner Mongolia, embarking on a fantastic camel ride across the magnificent countryside. Breath-taking vistas, the lavish costumes of Princess Ulun Iga and her retinue, and the rituals of Mongol life are stunningly rendered by Ottinger’s cinematography.


Co-organized by: City of Women, Kinoteka, in cooperation with Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir. Supported by: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Administration, French Institute in Slovenia. In the framework of the European project Women on Women co-funded by EU programme Creative Europe.

Date and time of event: 
Sep 25th 20:00 - 23:00
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Slovenian Cinematheque