Within Four Walls

Film, SI, 1999, 33′
// in Slovenian with English subtitles //

The documentary problematizes violence towards women through stories of those who ran away from it and found help in shelters. With covered faces, they speak about years of abuse, violence, rape and loneliness. Film includes scenes from the shelter for women and children – victims of violence, statements from historians and anthropologists about the social dimensions of violence, scenes from Slovenian feature films and an original animation.

Film is part of the group exhibition Cheers to Women! 25 Years of Film and Video, screened at the marathon Cheers to Women! in Kinoteka.

Tickets: €2


Production: ZANK, VPK & TV Slovenija, 1999; director: Zemira Alajbegović, Neven A. Korda; script: Zemira Alajbegović; camera: Matjaž Mrak, Rok Sieberer; off-line editing: Matjaž Jankovič, Morena Fortuna, on-line editing: Vojko Zupanc; music: Aldo Ivančić; animation: Oliver Marčeta.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th
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