What does Freedom stand for?


The Reading Room, Activation no. 1*
Opening Panel Discussion

“The impossibility to change neoliberal systems which shape and oppress everyday life on all social levels, as well as the simultaneous and paradoxical act of playing and resisting dominant social structures, make us rethink what the politics of liberation or its revolutionary practices of today are. The attribute ‘revolutionary,’ means that those practices are politically engaged and socially transformative in a very concrete context. The fact is that all social revolutions have emerged outside of dominant ideological, economical, and political structures in order to cope with the unbearable conditions of common life in certain times. Each of them generated a new social order grounded in the radical imagination of everyday life. In other words, social revolutions always fought for freedom, social justice and new liberating legality through ‘illegal’ means. But what happens when all those facts become romanticized versions of futures and when the freedom is used as a key concept of neoliberal society?” (Jelena Petrović)

The opening panel discussion will present the positions of Jelena Petrović, Marina Gržinić and Anja Zalta and will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibition Who is afraid of Ideology? with the artist Marwa Arsanios.

Free entrance.


*The event is part of the Reading Room project at the Who is afraid of Ideology? exhibition by Marwa Arsanios.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th 15:00 - 17:00
Place of event: 
Škuc Gallery
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