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Outlandish Theatre Platform

Artists in Residence

The 2018 City of Women residents Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly will be developing their research on Project Joan, an inter-community site-specific performance to be developed for Dublin and Ljubljana in 2019.

Through workshops, conversations and interviews with diverse women and community participants, they will take on the creative challenge of stripping Joan of Arc of her male interpretations to re-construct key moments in Joan’s life through contemporary experiences. 

Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly have taken George Bernard Shaw’s St. Joan as their point of departure and through their findings explore the position of women in our societies today in collaboration with TCD’s Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology, Penology and Feminist Theory and Law and Senator Ivana Bacik and an inter-generational group of diverse women in Dublin and Ljubljana.

Using research and a series of workshops and provocations, they  will weave the strands of contemporary situations for women of different backgrounds into the re-framed history narrative, whilst seeking to highlight and illuminate continuities, resonances and relevance for the current historical moment.


Outlandish Theatre Platform creates new experimental theatre with diverse professionals and community participants yielding human sense and nonsense in uncanny performance experiences. They promote participatory and experimental theatre practice, rooted within local communities to ensure greater access to participation in creative activity, representation of minority voices, to engage and develop underrepresented audiences, and to explore the performative potential of contested identities.


Organization: City of Women and Divja Misel.
Supported by: Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th - Oct 11th
Place of event: 
Vodnikova domačija