The Red Web


Slovenia / 2016 / 30'
Digital Performance

A digitalised performative installation of a sexual chatroom in which a female performer takes her female or male spectator through a test/experience intertwining the intimate and public space and through an interface addressing everything in between.

The focus of interest in this artwork is the intimate relation of the spectator as an active communicator to the performer upon entering one of the sex portals.

It tackles the individual interaction of the performer with a visitor, challenging the limits of communication, levels of perception, intensification of fantasy – as a consequence of a new era of digital reality as a phantasm that blurs the boundary between the public and private spaces. 

The Red Web is a user’s experience of an individual’s intimate space which includes both the real and the fictional Other at the same time, as well as different performative strategies that generate and transform this relation. It is a fusion of digital communication into a performative situation that will be created in the interaction between the user’s desire and its (un) fulfilment; personal data are valuable goods … The limits of my interface are the limits of my world … You get what you click … Freedom is all around …

Authors: Olja Grubić, Živa Petrič 
 Janez Janša, Andreja Kopač, Teja Reba 


Production: Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umetnosti 
Coproduction: City of Women 
Special thanks to: JSKD, Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund for Cultural Activities


The Red Web