Great Britain / 2015 / 30'
Performance one-to-one

In the field of neurology, scientists have identified that the human mind inserts information from the present into past memories. When recalled the memories become reinterpreted to adapt in an ever changing environment, re-framing moments of a person’s life. Unlike a film, which relays a recorded event as it was captured, the human memory edits information to present a story which fits into a person’s present reality

What would you do if you could return to a memory and change it? Would it affect your future? Could you rewrite a part of your own history? 

“A brilliantly simple one-on-one, allows for memory to be reframed or rewritten. It is a piece that has generosity at its warm, beating heart.”
– Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“A genuinely immersive experience that takes place in the deep psychological space of memory, mediated by technology, and performed with humility, care and a lightness of touch you simply don’t see the full weight and impact of the piece coming.”
– Robert Pacitti, Curator and director of SPILL Festival of Performance

“Recall was an emotional experience that brings you straight to your heart, as it were - it’s incredible”
– Selina Thompson, Artist


Created and Performed by: Ria Hartley 
Produced by: Emma Møller

Supported by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Originally developed and presented for SPILL Festival 2014 (National Platform, Ipswich) & 2015 (National Showcase, London).

Organization: City of Women. In Collaboration with Gallery Škuc.