Sound in Performance


USA / 2016 / 4h
Sound and Performance Workshop

This workshop is open to both movement based performers and sound artists interested in examining the ways we view and implement sound in performance.

In particular, we will focus both on the materiality/plasticity of sound, as well as exploring and questioning how we negotiate, control, and are controlled by sound on stage. Essentially a ‘dance’ with sound - viewing it as an equal and permeating partner in performance. Through movement/ visualization exercises and deep listening, we will look at ways the movement and sound can infuse and echo each other, blurring the dividing lines between sound and gesture.

Participants are invited to bring simple noise producing materials (paper, metals, plastics, fabrics, etc.) small and large, quiet and loud, to utilize in creating an imaginary sonic landscape in which to roam. Microphones and contact mics will allow us to scrutinize and transform sound, from micro phenomena to the all enveloping.

Prior experiences in performance and dance or sound and music are welcome. The workshop will be held in English.

After the workshop at 7 pm the participants will share a presentation based on ideas explored in the workshop in the frame of Neforma on the stage of Španski borci.

Free entry.

Production and organization: City of Women, Emanat, Sploh. In collaboration with Španski borci.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 15:00 - 19:00
Place of event: 
Center kulture Španski borci (velika dvorana)
At 7PM a public presentation at Neforma.