Slovenia / 2016
Documentary and documenting game

Marjeta Kamnikar engaged in M when she was 64, that is 9 years ago. Through the idea of the M-network, M has its place in the City of Women and in the City of Women’s network creates spaces of networking and might draw another network or family into the net. 

Concept: Gregor and Marjeta Kamnikar
Authors: Marjeta Kamnikar and Nelson Valmor
Played by: Marjeta Kamnikar, Dragana Alfirević, Teja Reba, Nelson Valmor and co-players


In Slovene.

Free of charge.

Produced by: Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia / nda.si & Federacija (till 2016) / federacija.net Co-produced by: International Dance Terrorist Organization / idto.upri.se In collaboration with City of Women. Supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana, Erferifund Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union within the DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON. 

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 20:00
Place of event: 
neznana lokacija
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