Imaginary Being


USA/Germany / 2015 / 40'

Air, breathe in, breathe out, diaphragm, oral cavity, tongue, lips, trumpet, reflection, composition, improvisation, sound, silence, multiphonics, extended techniques, original preparations of the instrument, room acoustics, digital sound processing, field recordings, extended speakers, quadrophonics, trumpet as transmitter and receiver, as an acoustic chamber, festivals, club scene, original venues, independent and academic scene.

Tomaž Grom

Live solo quadraphonic performance which utilizes a custom 4-channel trumpet and a trompete concrète interface. The trompete concrète sounds are derived from scientific, medical and musical tuning fork pitch sets, field recordings, and an extensive personal animal language – sourced from the interplay of horn, extensions, and voice. The quad trumpet also serves to disseminate/ spatialize the live voice and extended trumpet techniques (which often have a rather beastly quality).

Imaginary Being takes its inspiration from the works of Jorge Luis Borges - from the Book of Imaginary Beings and from his essay The Analytical language of John Wilkins. Throughout the piece, ethereal tones wander through the weather amidst the grunts, groans, calls, songs, and shrieks of a strange new world. Imaginary Being aims to create a series of folk taxonomies and fantastical landscapes for the listener – opening a space both for the contemplative and absurd. 

Tickets: € 7 / € 5 (ticket is also valid for the concert Radio Silence No More)

Organisation: Zavod Sploh. In collaboration with City of Women and Menza pri koritu – ACC Metelkova city.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th 23:00
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu - ACC Metelkova city
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