Everything Fits in the Room


Switzerland/Germany / 2016 / 3h
Choreographic Workshop

This workshop proposes a discussion around architectures for dwelling and practice, an inclusive methodology that locates ways in which we begin to navigate the un-governability of all elements and potentially disruptive information associated with the maintenance of juxtaposing energies. Interrogating the phenomenology of utopias solicits the inherent polemic: the fear that all things won’t fit to succeed in the imagined dominant path.

The room offers an expanded sight for the horizon, no longer obliged to rid oneself of the things that supposedly delay and suspend progress.

Taking to task the integration of each new entrance or person to the room as the thing itself. There exists a curiosity regarding how each thing fits. Participants are invited to engage with accumulative labour, things to be worked and a culture of flexibility negotiated in the doing and undoing.

We will work with raw materials such as rope, chair, ladder, spices, fruit, fixtures, and skins. There is a culture of care and an interest in continuous construction as it relates to world building: acts of labour engaging intimacy, sexuality and economies of exchange.

If we think of the collection of things in the room as resembling a familial network, amidst the fixing, shifting and flexibility of all parts, what is the risk, what is masked or lost? Who doesn’t fit into the family?

Prior experiences in choreography, performance or dance are welcome. The workshop will be held in English.

Free of charge.

Production and organisation: City of Women, Emanat, Sploh. In collaboration with Dance Theatre Ljubljana.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th 12:00 - 15:00
Place of event: 
Dance Theatre Ljubljana
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